Events Coordinator & Building Manager

Jill Ware

Jill Brammer Ware is the Events Coordinator and Building Manager for the School of the Arts Depot Building where she enthusiastically indulges both her love for the arts and for creating special events. Being an especially social creature, Jill enjoys connecting and supporting the faculty, staff, and students of the VCU Community and beyond. In addition to her work at the Depot, Jill has a productive history with the Dance and Choreography Department as an instructor of ballet and other dance forms. She is currently developing an online course for the exploration of live dance performance, and engaged in a research project based on the benefits of creativity through drawing. Jill is particularly excited about the continued development of programs and projects at the Depot centering on an engaged and active community of artists, entrepreneurs, educators, creators, and professionals. Outside of VCU, Jill is an Artistic Associate with Amaranth Arts, a contemporary dance company that tours both nationally and internationally.

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