Certificate Program

Exert your creative tendencies on the development of your own business venture.

Open to all VCU undergraduate students, the 13-credit undergraduate certificate of completion in Venture Creation allows undergraduate students to develop a venture creation mindset that embraces a multidisciplinary perspective for successful entrepreneurialism and venture creation. Students will hone understandings of the challenges, skills and resources necessary for venture creation and, through the capstone experience, integrate these understandings around conceiving, planning and implementing a real venture.



Foundation Courses: 4 credits required

INNO 200 Introduction to Innovation and Venture Creation, 1 credit
VNTR 300 Venture Creation Skills, 3 credits

Discipline-specific Elective Courses: 6 credits minimum required, taken in conjunction with major coursework

ARTS 350 The Creative Economy, 3 credits
ARTS 351 Piloting the Enterprise, 3 credits
ARTS 352 Idea Accelerator, 3 credits

Capstone Course Options: 3 credits required

ARTS 353 Creative Disruption, 3 credits
VNTR 460 Venture Creation, 3 credits

Learning Outcomes

The VCU Certificate in Venture Creation enables students to learn and do entrepreneurship. Students participating in this program will:

  • develop multidisciplinary venture creation models.
  • effectively identify and address strategies.
  • apply venture creation skills to create, plan and implement a venture.
  • effectively communicate verbally and in writing.


The Certificate in Venture Creation program runs concurrently with a student’s major and is not a stand-alone program. Interested students should first contact and then submit their application to the VCU da Vinci Center which administers the certificate program. Students should apply to the program during or after taking the introductory course, INNO 200 Introduction to Innovation and Venture Creation.

For more information, please visit the VCU Bulletin about this Certificate Program.